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Before you enter, please read this information:
(belive me, this is most likely for your own good!)

The contents of this photo gallery is of a highly personal character. It's intended to share moments of different situations with those involved and others who might be interested. It's not meant to be a place to expose people or situations of an embarrasing or offending nature to world, and especially not to make fun of them.

Of course, some situations get a bit out of hand (as you may find out if you register and log in...), and I constantly try to sensor the contents in order to keep the contents at a "civilized" level.

However, nobody's perfect. And there may be photos that sneak into this gallery that are kind of tacky which I don't remove. If you find such a photo either of yourself or others, and you find it unsuitable for being shown in public, please tell me at once!!!

Just click the link in the top right corner to send me an email! Please describe what you think is out of line, and make shure the name (or number) of the photo and the gallery (top left) is included. This way I can quickly correct my blunders ;)

I hope you don't find many of these mistakes, and that you enjoy the "Kodak Moments"! And if you want, you can send me an email about how much you like it!

Have fun, go mad, is what I say... !!!
- Jon

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